Build Your Own True Mirror: A Step-by-Step Guide


Build Your Own True Mirror and explore the marvels of optics and reflections. Unlike a standard mirror, a true mirror offers a non-reversed image, allowing you to see yourself as others do. In this DIY project, we guide you through making a true mirror, which displays your image without the common left-to-right flip that alters your appearance.

Materials and Tools Needed

For your true mirror, it’s imperative to select premium materials:

  • Two superior glass mirrors
  • A non-reflective glass panel
  • Sturdy hinges
  • Black adhesive tape or paint
  • Frame-worthy wood
  • Carpenter’s square, wood glue, drill, and more

Frame Designing

The wood frame must be meticulously crafted for a perfect fit.

  1. Measure the mirrors and prepare accordingly.
  2. After cutting and sanding the wood, carve out precise grooves for glass placement.
  3. Combine the pieces with glue, solidifying them with additional hardware.

Correct Glass Alignment

Accurate positioning of the glass is vital for the desired effect.

  1. Apply silicone on one mirror edge.
  2. Join the second mirror perpendicularly and let the silicone set.
  3. Reinforce with a non-reflective glass brace.

Learn more about non-reversing mirrors here.

Build Your Own True Mirror

Integrating Mirrors and Frame

Combine the mirrored unit with the wooden frame, securing it with hinges for accessibility and sealing potential light leaks with black tape or paint.

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Final Touches

Exactness is essential. Adjust your mirrors to achieve a flawless 90-degree alignment, verify all seals, and clean thoroughly. Choose an ideal location for your true mirror to fully enjoy its unique effect.


Your journey to craft a DIY True Mirror fuses artistic flair with scientific accuracy. This guide has provided the steps to fabricate an authentic, undistorted mirror. It’s not just a reflective piece but a portal to self-perception and an impressive talking point for any room.

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